January 23, 2018

About Us

At Sunshine, we know there’s a difference between living and living life fully.

Sunshine Communities supports men, women and children with developmental disabilities, offering residential, vocational and clinical support as well as therapeutic and recreational programs. We operate a coffee shop and an art studio. We celebrate differences, change lives and grow the future.

And we connect to each other in a mission that is rooted in the Christian Mennonite faith and framed by five core values.

Tenderness gives expression to love and creates true family, accepting our differences in the course of our daily lives. Our community offers mutuality through the opportunity for us to join together in giving, receiving, teaching and learning. As a Christian ministry we practice spirituality and reach out to all people and honor the faith traditions of all. We are committed to the highest form of integrity by being open and honest with each member of our community, providing a mirror of truth. We are committed to stewardship, using all resources available in the best interest of those we support.

Our Mission

Sunshine’s mission is to create community among people with developmental disabilities, their families, friends and staff. We do this by offering services that enable all of us to build relationships that enhance our lives through mutual caring and growth. In pursuit of this mission:

  • We practice Christian values in the tradition of the Mennonite faith.
  • We embrace the vision of our founders, Roy and Georgette Engler.
  • We strengthen our community by serving the underserved.